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A 5-Day Journey to BECE – Part 1

BECE (Basic Education Certificate Examination) is a general examination written by the Basic 9 pupil’s in the Junior High Schools in Ghana. This certificate is used to enter the Senior High Schools. If one fails the examination, that’s his or her end to formal education I guess.

I have read few articles online and in the newspaper about the elimination of this examination by few scholars in the country.Ekow simpson BECE


We left Afrangua around 17:30GMT with two male teachers and thirteen pupils ready to take the 5 days examination organized by WAEC.

The sigh and the relief from the parents as we drove by the community, the cheers and shout of joy coming from the youngsters in the community placed a drop of tear in my eyes.

We got to our destination around 19:00 GMT, amidst the rain and the cold weather we had to walk through the rain and the muddy slippery clayey land because our ‘fish’ Sprinter Vehicle couldn’t go through to the accommodation.

‘’WOW’!! Myself plus few pupils with our wet and soaked items including our mattresses, drawing boards, bags and others, exclaimed. You would want to know why we did that? ‘’One room for 13 pupils (4 girls & 9 boys) and 2 males teachers to share’’

The room had no ceiling, no electrical plugs for us to charge our phones or laptops or even iron our school uniforms, the bulb in the room had the switch in another tenant’s room, the window didn’t have louvers to close when it rains, etc.

We had to use what was available unlike Oliver Twist, we couldn’t ask for more. We arranged our luggage and laid our beds to rest for Monday first examination which was English Language and Religious and Moral Education.

About three pupils didn’t bring any sleeping material. So we had to pack ourselves, two to one student mattress whiles some slept on a mat. The situation was like that of the Ghana Prison rooms where they put more prisoners in a room more than they should. We called them packed like Sardine.


Most of them brought their own food stuffs because they were to feed themselves. shito, gari, kenkey, milo, sugar, milk, fried fish and the others. They would prepare something in the afternoon and in the morning we all move to town to find ‘kooko na paano’ (porridge and bread). Some of us took heavy meal in the morning; banku and fried fish with hot pepper.

One funny thing that happened was whiles preparing in the morning for the first paper, we had a puppy visiting our room, I guess it was there to monitor and protect us.

Check out how we took our bath in the next chapter.

To be continued in Part 2…

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  1. hmm..interesting!! Awaiting the continuation paaa…lol

  2. Aww soo sad buh God go see u through. wish them success

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