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A 5-Day Journey to BECE – Part 2

This is the story of a teacher and his pupils who set out to write BECE and …Continuation from Part One…

 5-Day Journey to BECE
getting ready for the exams

So we set our alarms to 4:50GMT where the female pupils were made to take their shower first whiles the boys wait to take their turn. The boys will excuse the girls and stand outside for at least 5 mins for the girls to have the room to fix themselves (dress up).

Before Monday evening, a neighbours came in to inform us of an available room. He asked if we finding difficulty using that single room for 13 pupils and 2 teachers then we can have one room in his house. A room which belongs to his daughter who is also writing the examination. So I, my assistant head and the four girls moved into the room.

Hehe! We moved in and started a new life there. So the boys were in the other room alone having fun without us and the girls.


For days, since Sunday, I or my assistant had not been to the white house because we were finding it difficult to adapt to their way of defecating. It was just crazy when I had to use a man-made manufactured toilet where a whole was covered with woods. You will have to stand on each wood with one leg apart and targeting the space that is created by those two woods. GEEEEEZ!

‘’Sir, I didn’t and couldn’t use that thing so I went to the bush’, from some of my pupils.

Today it rained all day and when it did, we had to pack our mattress from the floor to a safe corner where the rain from the leaking roof won’t wet our beds. We placed utensils and rubber under the ceiling where the rain water was dropping in.

 5-Day Journey to BECE
Bowls place in the room to collect dropping water from the leaking roof

Around 1700 GMT, I felt so hungry because I had not eaten in the afternoon and the rains won’t stop so I walked through the rain another student who was also hungry to find food. We got home so wet and fortunately for us, the land lady had asked the rest of the girls to prepare ‘ampesie(cassava) and kobe with garden eggs mixed with red oil’.  Haha’

I placed the food I bought from town somewhere and enjoyed the home cooked food with the girls’ whiles the boys also had theirs. Wanted to reject the meal but the landlady insisted.

 5-Day Journey to BECE
cassava and groundnut stew with oil and salted fish. Sweet!


Around 1900GMT, the girls and I joined the boys in their room to prepare for ICT tomorrow but before we realized this sheep from nowhere was crying so loud as if it’s about to be butchered. This woke us up around 21:12 GMT. As if the noise wasn’t enough, after one of the students had gone to drive it away, a dog also joined the disturbance, barking…And only God knew what was wrong with that damn dog.

I later called the girls and moved back to our room. As from that period I haven’t been able sleep and that got me writing this Part of the 5 Day Journey to BECE.

I managed to set up my blogging table with my mini laptop; you know a blogger cannot go without his laptop, modem or Smartphone. So I brought my other skilled job along.

You want to know where and which part of Ghana we are now? Get ready to know more about this community called Abura Dunkwa in the next episode.

To be continued in Part 3…

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  1. life has not beem fair to these kids bt surely God will see them through….extend my best wishes to them all…we are with them in spirit….

  2. Oh God!how can you go through all this??
    Wish I can do something to help you and your kids.God knows best so don’t worry dear

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