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A 5-Day Journey To BECE –Part 4 [More Photos]

Hello, I’m here again, hope all is well?

God has been so good to us for the past four days we traveled to Abura Dunkwa, Twa Nsu Kada, to be precise for the BECE. I am sure you have read all the articles up to this day. If not, just click on the Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 to enjoy and follow the story line.

The 4th Day

Thursday as usual was a cool and calm one with normal issues happening. It was the first time or period we really had the sun coming up, it is always raining. Would you believe it rained throughout the period we spent here?


It is a norm for the subject teacher to take the pupils through few important notes, answer past questions and also revise their notes. We prepared the kids as usual, went for the exams and got back around 3pm to rest.

 Attitude Of The Kids

After they got back from the exams center, the son of the landlady called the students plus myself in an unprofessional manner and spoke at length. He said they were very surprised and unhappy how the boys had kept the room they slept and the surroundings. They would eat and drop the leftovers around plus water sachet bags on the floor.

So they called a meeting in the house and insulted the kids for such a mess.

I felt disappointed and sad to hear that but I kept my cool and took it in good faith. Previously, I had spoken to my students to be mindful and careful of where we were residing and keep the place neat but they did otherwise.

That evening they messed up again making unnecessary noise and at that point I had to come in, what happened there that kept them mute for the rest of the day is left between us. The bible says Spare the rod and spoil the child. Proverbs 13:24

We had the social studies teacher, Mr. Ishmael Teye, coming in to spend a day with us and the pupils. He had a revision session in the evening to prepare the pupils for the final paper on Friday.

The day came to an end with us advising the pupils on the next move to take after the basic school. I spoke a lot.

See more photos…

IMG_20160615_115511 IMG_20160615_115513 IMG_20160615_115740 IMG_20160615_115813 IMG_20160615_120221 IMG_20160615_120724 IMG_20160615_120727 IMG_20160615_120740 IMG_20160615_134717 IMG_20160615_135921

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    As the say teachers will get their reward in heaven but i can confidence say that ekow yours will be here on earth. anytime i see the way you help rural education, i pray to God to bless you. God is preparing you my CEO. long life.

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