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“Bosom Ba” Spirited Child

What You Didn’t Know About “Bosom Ba” Spirited Child

A lot of us have seen these kids in the rural communities with rasta /dreadlocks, but this is what we didn’t know about the Spirited Child (Bosom ba in our local dialect).

There was Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Culture and the rest. They all had one thing in common aside the songs they produced, DREADLOCAKS.

I had the chance to be with students with dreadlocks in 2009 during my second year of teaching in a rural community called Afrangua. They are four in number, two boys and two girls. I thought they were from Jamaica but no.

These children with dreadlocks are not rastas but “Bosom ba” which means children from the “gods”. They are kids there were born from the intervention of a lesser god -BOSOM. They are not allowed to cut off their hair for some reasons as well as their finger nails.


These were the directives given to couples for a long time married without children and had to consult a fetish priest or lesser gods for assistance. They were then  made to perform certain rituals that resulted in a pregnancy.

However, these kids are committed to these gods for a number of years and then after the post-rituals activities (cutting the hair for three times and performing other rituals), the children can now have a normal life, i.e. shaving the hair at will and the finger nails.

One thing I can attest to been around these kids is that they are very clever and intelligent.  They lead the class in their various classes, great readers, thinkers and above all quick tempered.

I introduce you to my favourite “rasta students”. 

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  1. It’s interesting to know how different people in different cultures live. It must have been such a lovely experience for you x

  2. Very interesting info here. I can see the twinkle in their faces and looks of intelligence.

  3. I think dreadlocks are beautiful and not cutting their hair is a truly wonderful thing to witness x

  4. It’s really nice when you get to experience different cultures because you gain this understanding when you’re with them. I think every child is special and it’s up to us to make their future bright for them.

  5. I just find that so interesting! The face that there are ceremonies to appease their god’s requirements is something I find fascinating about their culture.

  6. What cute children! It’s so interesting seeing different cultures and how they live their lives

  7. I love reading about different cultures. Very interesting!!

  8. Your post made me smile a million times over. The kids! I love their twinkly eyes and super fun dreadlocks. I always enjoy reading your posts because I learn so much

  9. Wow its so fascinating to read on the different cultures and traditions. I’ll admit that my knowledge of the history and customs behinds dreadlocks is very limited but I was happy to read your article and the bright faces of your students.

  10. Fascinating learning about different culture from different destination, this has opened my eyes to discover and learn more about culture

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