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Use Empty Rice Bag As BackPack

Did You Know Pupils Still Use Empty Rice Bags As BackPacks?

Use Empty Rice Bag As BackPack

Pupils in the rural communities and at times those in the urban use an empty rice bag as their school bags.

This activity has been long in existence even when I was young and had one which i packed all my learning materials. It is the right of every child to have quality education. It is therefore the responsibility of the government and the stake holders like the parents and teachers to provide educational needs and deliver quality education respectively.

Is this the case? Are the parents doing their part? Are the teachers doing their part?

Educationally, Ghana is putting a lot of measures in place to better the system but more needs to be done. I believe teachers should also be encouraged to take up project that can help promote and better the educational system. Eg. is Ekes Possibilities Education.

In the rural communities, the attitude towards education is nothing to write home about especially with the parents or the guardians. Ghana is operating on FCUBE – Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education.

FCUBE is a government initiative that sees to the provision of free education to the school going age children in the country. It provides educational and other teaching and learning materials to manage the school. On the other side, parents are to supply certain materials to their wards but that is not the case. These includes school uniforms, exercise books, pens/pencils and school bags.

However , most parents have failed and refused to supply the materials needed by their wards for teaching and learning. No school bags but rather “empty rice bags”, tattered uniforms, sandals or shoes. Parents always complaining of lack of financial support has been the anthem which has caused most pupils to stay out of the classroom.

The negligence of parents result in truancy, absenteeism and lateness because they feel embarrassed to come to school with torn shorts, shirts and worn out sandals etc.

More on this article soon, revisit this blog.

Use Empty Rice Bag As BackPack

Use Empty Rice Bag As BackPack

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