Black Diaspora Builds Borehole For Asomdwe Village; A Rural Community


Black Diaspora from the United State Of America has built a Borehole to provide water for the people of Asomdwe village, a rural community in the Central Region of Ghana.

Getting enough good water every day is very essential and important for our health therefore clean water is not just needed for drinking but for sanitation purposes as well.

If clothes are washed and bodies are washed with contaminated water it could result in the rise of diseases.Black Diaspora Builds Borehole Asomdwe Village

It is a horrific fact that there are billions of people and cities who do not have access to clean water sources and that matter for human consumption.

Asomdwe community has been one of such communities that has been in existence for many years without good drinking water.

Marquita Payne, a black American from the United States Of America has done a great job by constructing a borehole hence providing good drinking water for the people of Asomedwe.

Asomdwe community is located in the Central Region of Ghana and the people have never witnessed an event and developmental change in their community for years.

Marquita, before she arrived in Ghana, liaised with the CEO of Torch Light Tours to construct the borehole for the people.

She underlined the importance of helping each other and giving back to the community.

” To whom much is given, much is required. God has given us resources so that he can bring us back to this village to give to each of you”. – she said.

Black Diaspora Builds Borehole Asomdwe Village
Marquita crowned as queen of development

In appreciation and honor done by Marquita, the chief and the community crowned her the Queen of Development of Asomdwe community.

She was given a stool and ahenmaa mpobowa (traditional sandal) as a sign of remembrance, whenever she sees the stool she will remember that she has a family in Ghana.

Mr. Michael Orleans, C.E.O of Touch Light Tours, a tour company in Ghana, encouraged people from the diaspora to contribute towards the development of deprived communities.

The occasion was held in the community center with friends and families amidst great music and dance.


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